Mary-Ann Booth – Election 2018

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John and I raised our family in West Vancouver for many of the same reasons we all did-a beautiful natural environment, good schools, and a safe, friendly community. All of that remains true today, but with empty homes, traffic congestion, and a missing generation, nostalgia is not a plan for the future. As we look forward, our greatest challenge will be to balance protecting the existing way of life with the changes that must be implemented if our community is to continue to thrive.

I envision a livable community where there are a variety of housing options; neighbourhood character is respected; our environment is protected; and innovative solutions address traffic congestion.

I also envision a vibrant community where the charm and revitalization of Ambleside, Dundarave and Horseshoe Bay draw many more visitors and residents; where new amenities allow arts and culture to flourish; and where every generation finds joy and fitness through recreation.

Finally, I envision an inclusive community where diversity is celebrated, reconciliation embraced, and citizens feel a sense of well-being and belonging.

Thirteen years of public service as a school trustee and a councillor have taught me a great deal about our community. It’s time for leadership that is optimistic, collaborative, and with a clear vision of what this community could look like in the years ahead.

Authorized by David Ayriss, Financial Agent

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