Peter Lambur – Election 2018

West Vancouver District - Councillor

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About Peter Lambur – Election 2018

As a long-time resident of Ambleside, I am committed to protecting and enhancing the character of our neighborhoods and the quality of life we enjoy in our community. In 2016, I campaigned on the platform ‘Neighbourhoods First’ with the idea of providing residents with a voice in issues of local concern. I was successful in urging Council to address issues related to redevelopment in our single-family neighborhoods.
In July I was appointed as the Council representative to the new neighborhood Character Working Group. I also campaigned for more and better community engagement. Since joining council, there has been a significant increase in opportunities for residents to participate in new community planning initiatives but there remains more work to do. I’m committed to working towards a more inclusive and collaborative environment for decision-making where every opinion counts.
In my professional career as an urban planner and architect, my experience has included master plans and zoning bylaws, urban revitalization projects, transit-oriented development, environmental design projects and signature buildings for education and the arts. I understand the language of planners and developers and have the experience managing stakeholder consultation for large-scale public projects to support authentic public engagement.
For the next four years a transportation action plan and completion of the OCP local area plans are at the top of my list.

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