Leo’s Legacy – Front Ad

Celebrate BC’s film and television history with a look back at the Leo Awards legacy. Famous faces and lots of glam highlight this feature podcast with president Walter Daroshin who, for over 20 years, has helped honour our ‘Hollywood North’ industry by celebrating all the talent we bring to the world stage.

Opening Day at VIFF – The 2020 Vancouver International Film Festival

Today is the opening of the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and we’re here talking to Associate Director of Programming, Curtis Woloschuk. Opening night will look a little different than previous years, and while there’s no big party, the celebration of films continues with on-demand, virtual screenings, live chats and limited in-person viewings of select […]

Test Post for Ads

This is a test post for the front page ads. Hopefully the graphic will work as it degrades through tablet and mobile.

Living Life with Parkinsons – Carlota Lee’s Story

An athlete, mother, event organizer and community supporter, Carlota Lee doesn’t let much get in her way. But last year, something started to go wrong. Then the news came – it was Parkinson’s. Now, after learning to deal with the disease and reaching out for help, Carlota is back bigger than ever in her fight […]

West Vancouver Magazine – Sep/Oct 2020

The Leo Awards in Vancouver are a legacy to our ‘Hollywood North’. We chat live with president Walter Daroshin as we launch our new podcast channels in this feature article full of the famous faces and celebrities that work in motion picture and television production in BC. Also, a check-in with Dr. Bonnie Henry, our […]

Splash Arts Umbrella Gala 2020 – Special Edition

It’s one of Vancouver’s most glamorous galas and fundraisers – and it always makes a big ‘Splash’. But the aptly named charity event, which raises money for the Arts Umbrella organization and its programs, is doing things differently this year. Hear how gala co-chair Christie Garofalo and Bruce Munro Wright are planning on keeping the […]

Stranded in Peru – The Tale of a Trip as Covid Hit

Imagine heading out on a dream vacation – when suddenly Covid-19 strikes and you end up stranded in Peru with no way out. This is the tale of Janet and Bart McRoberts whose trip of a lifetime turned into a lifetime of stories as they fought the threat of Covid-19, altitude sickness and a three […]

The Leo Awards Legacy with Walter Daroshin

CAT: Hello. We’re speaking with Walter Daroshin today. A very famous face in Vancouver who deals with many famous faces in his role as president of the Leo Awards. The Leo Awards are one of Vancouver’s most spectacular, or dare I say, Canada’s most spectacular events. Walter, tell us what started the Leo Awards?  WD: […]