The Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon

The Victoria Half is one of Canada’s most classic and beautiful triathlon events. For over 25 years, athletes have been making the trek to picturesque Vancouver Island for this incredible west coast race experience. The course features a calm one-loop lake swim at Elk Lake followed by a ride through the scenic Saanich Peninsula and […]

Bill Reid: To Speak With a Golden Voice

The Bill Reid Gallery celebrates the milestone centennial birthday of Bill Reid with an exhibition about his life and legacy, To Speak With a Golden Voice. Through an exploration of his voice, process, lineage, and legacy, the special anniversary exhibition traces the iconic Haida artist’s lasting influence on Indigenous art and culture. This event is […]

A Lens on Vancouver’s Past: Walter Frost’s Holland-America Line

An exhibition of photographs celebrating 100 years of Holland-America Line ships in Vancouver Harbour by East Van’s Walter Edwin Frost (1898-1988) plus interesting facts & figures about Holland America Line, the vessels and each photo. The photographs have been selected by Floris van Weeldered. During a family history project to learn more about his father’s […]

Feast for the Eyes

Feast for the Eyes explores the rich history of food as one of photography’s most prevalent and enduring subjects. In an age where sharing images of food has emerged as a unique facet of contemporary culture, this exhibition offers a look at the timeless ways in which things we eat shape us and our perceptions […]

A Pot Lid for the Sky

A Pot Lid for the Sky is a two-person exhibition featuring Canadian artist Christopher Lacroix in response to the satirical pledge made by American conceptualist John Baldessari in the early 1970s: “I will not make any more boring art.” Baldessari performed this statement through a series of banal gestures that directly contradicted the words. Lacroix, […]