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We are proud to offer the two online and mobile guides that represent West Vancouver and North Vancouver to both locals and visitors, with the right mix of content. Our display products are all designed to make your business be seen and your digital voice be heard.

Working with us is easy and VERY cost effective for you. We provide the constant, 24/7, reliable display of your business message and brand to desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, to a wide-reaching demographic mix. Traditional media methods now pale in comparison for obtaining results, ROI and accountability.

With an average monthly audience* of over 180,000 unique visitors generating over 192,000 page views, your company, products and services will receive attention on our sites. Please ask to see our stats, we are happy to share our performance data.

*Month to month statistics, quoted from May 2015 – May 2016

Four Options to choose from, mix and match if you like:

Enhanced Listing ($50 or less)

An Enhanced Listing is the product to make your business stand out from our Free Listings (and your competitors). Just click on any of our major category pages and you will see Enhanced Listings at work.

An Enhanced Listing includes three web links, custom graphics and unlimited text descriptions. Also included is a complete display of your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube feeds, live 24/7.

Publishing news, events or specials to your Social feeds? Now they will be seen by our viewing audience, which is over 6,000 + per day, between and

Best of all, you get an equal opportunity to be at the top of the list in your category because ALL of our Enhanced Listings are randomly served up on the page giving everyone a chance to be in first place on a reoccurring basis.

*Sample size only, actual size larger


– Graphic / Logo with custom colors and design (we’ll even create your ad(s) for free)

– Name, Address and Phone number

– Three links to your site. Your graphic and company name are linked in the ad and the third link is highlighted in the Free grid below

– Ads are randomly shuffled, allowing for your company to be at the top of the list in a fair and balanced method

– Full, unlimited text description. Send us your own words, or we can include details from your site

– Your logo/graphic and link is randomly displayed on ALL of your competitors free, non-paid, basic information

– A custom home page behind your ad includes a full display of your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube feeds

– Unlimited ability to post “News” and “Special Offers” to our News pages (email us your info and we’ll put it live, its that simple). Add news whenever you want and as much as you want. This is a great way to reach our viewers AND the search engines about your products, services and specials

– Your News and Events appear in the Category where your business is located shouting your brand and message

– Your News appears in our Magazine section at the top of every page

– Your Event(s) appear in our Events section AND the Events link at the top of every page

– Your News and Events also appear in a smaller format throughout the site(s), 24/7. Sample below

*Sample size only, actual size larger


Enhanced Listings Pricing:

$50 per month, for one site or $80 for AND

Six month terms, $270 for one site or $450 for both sites
(Equalling $45 per month, per site, $75 for both)

– No contract

– We will bring new customers to your business, that is what we do!

REALTORS: – Post your exclusive and MLS listings to our pages and include all of the details that buyers need! Gain a huge edge when competing for new listings too…just ask us how. The big three search engines favor our sites also, meaning your listings get found by a larger audience than print, well beyond the North Shore.

Category Sponsor ($199 per site or $299 per month for both sites)

Dominate the category that your business is listed in with a Category Sponsor panel ad that can not be missed. Always located at the top of your chosen category, these powerful ensure you’re first to be seen by viewers every time.

There are only two Category Sponsor spots per category, making it a very affordable, highly targeted solution to “out view” your competitors. Six month contracts ensure concentrated coverage and limit competition.

*Sample size. Actual, larger size is 950 x 350 pixels



– Graphic / Logo with custom colors and design (we’ll even help you design it for free)

– Fixed positioning at the top of the page of specific category

– Available on all categories throughout the site (waiting list may apply)

– Exclusive category buyout available on special contract

Premium Sponsor ($99 each, per month or $149 for both sites)

High exposure is why these Premium Sponsor ads work. Distributed randomly throughout the premium pages of the site(s), these feature ads are located on our most frequently visited pages – like our Community Calendar, Live Web Cams, plus our News and Events pages.

The Premium Sponsor ads are served equally and randomly throughout the site’s most important pages and there are two, dedicated reserved ad spots per category. We’ll help you create your campaign or you can supply the creative. A great way to stand out and own the category that your business is located in.

*Actual Size 300 x 250 pixels


– Custom ad creation of your specific campaign, if you are unable to supply the design

– Random positioning in the sidebar of the site’s most popular pages – including Community Calendar, Live Web Cams, our News and Events pages AND all of our Category pages (over 26 per site)

– Exclusive packages available on special contract

Front Page Feature ($998 per month, per panel)

The ultimate in capturing viewer attention. Your business image and message is predominately displayed, front and centre on the home page of the site(s). No other local online ad product can provide this targeted focus to such a large audience.

A web link through to the page of your choice is included. We can create the ad, at your request, utilizing details from your website or you may provide the creative. Six month terms are available. A waiting list may apply, please check to confirm availability.

*Sample size. Actual larger size is 950 x 500 pixels


– Custom ad creation of your specific campaign, if you are unable to supply the design

– Fixed positioning on the front page in one of eight exclusive reserved spots

– Exclusive packages available on special contract

All pricing before GST. We publish for the 1st and 15th of every month

It is very important for us to exceed the expectations of our clients and build on existing relationships in our great communities. Everyone and everything is online, let us bring you more revenues as a result of our strength and position on the web.

Please call Craig or any of the staff at 604-926-9293 or 1-877-926-9293 for more information, we are always pleased to answer questions and assist where we can.

Join us and see an immediate increase in your web traffic, social media feeds, search engine rankings (SEO) and of course, customers!

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