A great night on the town is possible without traveling over the Lion’s Gate bridge. The North Shore is home to various after dark options including live theatre, recitals, plays and concerts. Local bands playing in bars and pubs satisfy all musical tastes and styles. Whether you are into jazz, funk, classic rock, country or classical, our venues will keep you entertained.

Coffee houses and pubs often host jam nights and solo artists for the enjoyment of the patrons. There is a lot of hidden talent always being discovered in our community.

An enjoyable evening can also be had at the two local movie theaters on the ‘Shore. Current run feature films, as well as special cultural and arts pieces are often playing in the picture houses.

Our live theatre facilities offer up west coast originals and Hollywood screen classics, brought to life on our many local stages.

Looking for a more personal, rewarding experience? Art shows, poetry workshops and dance classes are easy to find at our two West Vancouver Recreation centres. Other interesting, educational and fun programs are always available at the Gleneagles and the main Rec Centre on Marine Drive.

You can also find both private and public current events on our Events calendar within this site. It is updated daily and offers the widest selection of music, art and culture available to both West Vancouver residents and visitors.