In either a bull or bear market, you and your loved ones need trusted and experienced investment advice. Financial guidance is plentiful in West Vancouver, being home to a large number of advisors and finance based consultants. Portfolio managers can advise you and handle your current assets and retirement savings including mutual funds, term deposits, gold or foreign investment products, RRSP’s, GIC’s, RIF’s, TFSA’s, stocks, bonds and offshore accounts.

Traditional chartered banks, credit unions and trust companies offer products and knowledge to acquire the right investment instruments from a seemingly endless selection of options. In some cases, private money managers and wealth builders are the correct choice when choosing a financial partner.

Looking to get into that dream home? Real Estate, for most people, is the most important and largest purchase of their lives. Some of Canada’s best lenders have offices in West Van. They can provide various resources when a mortgage, either new or re-negotiated is required. Local independent brokerages are also very successful in fulfilling the needs of home buyers ensuring that the mortgage or credit equity line you select includes the best of rates and options for your balance sheet, your investment and your future.