Good food and wine are treasured rewards by most people. The appreciation of quality food and drink is admired globally. Here, in West Vancouver, we are fortunate to have a vast variety of merchants including seafood and fish mongers, specialty butcher – meat retailers, artisan cheese shops, bakeries and private liquor stores. Green grocers and organic retailers provide the freshest selection of produce to satisfy West Van’s food cravings and gourmet chefs at home.

Coffee shops hum with regulars and visitors looking for that perfect cup of joe or the opportunity to meet up with friends.

Both BC government liquor stores and independent purveyors of local and imported wines provide a great choice when shopping for your favorite bottle or desire to try something new. The same is true for hard liquor, beer and spirits where the rare find or domestic alcohol purchase can be made in most areas of West Vancouver.

Caterers and catering companies are popular in West Van and the North Shore as a whole, as locals like to entertain. Professional chefs and food delivery companies keep busy handling requests for all types of fare including ethnic dishes and special creations created for those that like to eat, drink and celebrate life.