West Vancouver Mayor, Council and staff sets forth to provide a safe and pleasant community for both locals and visitors. Our District Hall does a good job of providing the necessary resources to ensure that all of the residents and business owners’ essential services are available and maintained. There are many ambitious projects on the drawing board for West Van in the near future, including the revitalization of Ambleside and a new Public Safety building adjacent to the existing Hall.

At a Provincial level, two Members of the Legislative Assembly or MLA’s keep our local voices heard in our Provincial capital, Victoria.

Two Federal MP’s or Members of Parliament, represent West Van resident’s position in Ottawa, at our nation’s capital. Working together, across all levels of government and including the public sector where possible, has been an ongoing success story, for the most part.

Whether collaborating in creating new laws or improving upon existing infrastructure, the three levels of power seem to coexist for the benefit of our community and the future of it’s residents. Please use our guide within this page to to find the local contact information for all three government bodies that West Vancouver relies upon.