Government Description

West Vancouver Mayor, Council and staff sets forth to provide a safe and pleasant community for both locals and visitors. Our District Hall does a good job of providing the necessary resources to ensure that all of the residents and business owners’ essential services are available and maintained. There are many ambitious projects on the […]

Food and Grocery

Good food and wine are treasured rewards by most people. The appreciation of quality food and drink is admired globally. Here, in West Vancouver, we are fortunate to have a vast variety of merchants including seafood and fish mongers, specialty butcher – meat retailers, artisan cheese shops, bakeries and private liquor stores. Green grocers and […]

Finance Description

In either a bull or bear market, you and your loved ones need trusted and experienced investment advice. Financial guidance is plentiful in West Vancouver, being home to a large number of advisors and finance based consultants. Portfolio managers can advise you and handle your current assets and retirement savings including mutual funds, term deposits, […]

Accommodations and Hotels Description

West Vancouver is conveniently located just minutes from a variety of hotel and motel options on the North Shore. If you want to relax or are visiting on business, the options range from mountainside motor inns to ocean front accommodations, all with attractive rates always available to tourists and corporate guests. Perhaps a Bed and […]

Entertainment Description

A great night on the town is possible without traveling over the Lion’s Gate bridge. The North Shore is home to various after dark options including live theatre, recitals, plays and concerts. Local bands playing in bars and pubs satisfy all musical tastes and styles. Whether you are into jazz, funk, classic rock, country or […]

Children Description

Our future is in the eyes of our children. West Vancouver is a great place to raise kids because of the various education options, pre-schools and daycare providers. The area also has a number of kid-friendly play facilities including parks and rec centres with specific programs to keep your younger family members busy and happy. […]

Business Description

Wealth and Wealth management are cornerstones of business in West Vancouver. Many consultants and business related advisors work in our community. Architects and other similar office professionals also call West Van home. Private business owners tend to like the convenience of our general location, situated so close to downtown. The Helijet and seaplane port are […]

Auto Description

Some car owners like to enhance their rides. Custom paint jobs, aftermarket accessories and performance related services are big tickets for West Vancouver’s auto enthusiasts. When repairs are need, many qualified shops are available to West Van residents including tire stores, exhaust specialists, car audio installers, auto glass retailers and the always important, car detailers […]

Attractions Description

The Seawalk in West Vancouver is treasured by residents and visitors alike from around the world. It stretches along the Pacific ocean and provides relaxing glimpses of birdlife and marine traffic, every day. Cypress Mountain is to the extreme north, (but only 20 minutes from the beaches), providing excellent hiking and biking in the summer […]

Arts and Crafts Description

Art is an important part of most residents lives in West Vancouver, with many examples of classic and modern works on display in homes and offices. Oil and watercolors on canvas, along with free-form sculptures are both respected and collected by locals because of the various art galleries located around West Van. It is easy […]