2014 Red Bull Divide and Conquer Race from Cleveland Dam to Ambleside Park West Vancouver

Event Details

Cleveland Dam

Teams of 3 participants will take on a course that will include mountain running, mountain biking, and kayaking. They will push their limits in a mix of locations on the North Shore of Vancouver, including Grouse Mountain.

Along with the team competition, this year we are pleased to announce the introduction of a solo category for those competitors interested in completing each discipline on their own.

The start line will rise at the incredibly scenic Cleveland Park on Vancouver’s North Shore with The Lions, the most iconic peaks in BC’s lower mainland, as a backdrop. Runners will gain elevation almost immediately, with almost 6,000 feet of climbing and a near double ascent of Grouse Mountain.

Yes, runners will be climbing Grouse, on foot, twice, and not even on the much more straight forward Grouse Grind.

Runners will also navigate the legendary technicality of the North Shore’s Baden Powell trail, and the only relief of descent they’ll receive will be a leg thrashing descent. Although very tough, it will also be a run of sights through a west coast rainforest paradise.

The mountain bike section of Red Bull Divide & Conquer will be challenging both physically and technically – so riders will have to sharpen their skills and bring a good set of lungs. The course will start with a five-kilometer section of fireroad beginning at the top of Grouse with a slight downhill grade on a gravel road allowing for closely bunched groups to work together or separate themselves with a little effort from those chasing.

Entering the first singletrack on Mt. Fromme, the technical games will begin. This descent is followed closely by some technical climbing along the Baden Powell that will bring the riders back for one of a series of significant ascents up the Mountain Highway, an old access road and popular local training spot. These climbs will give the riders an open connection to the legendary trails of the North Shore. Here, we will add to our thrilling initial descent a number of other trails giving speed and flow over the natural rock and root that defines the North Shore. In a final dash back towards the Cleveland Dam and the third leg of the event, riders will traverse back around the foot of Grouse Mountain on the Skyline Path.

Those who have the courage to race full throttle for this entire track both up and down, will experience a truly balanced course both physically and technically.

The door is open for any bike to win; it could be a 4, 5 or 6 inch steed, but the pilot who wins this segment will most certainly be an All Mountain stallion.

Registration is open till June 7th, 2014.

Please visit our website at www.redbull.com to register.

Call 604-925-7000 for more information.



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