2015 North Shore Stride for Strokes at John Lawson Park West Vancouver

Event Details

John Lawson Park

The North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre will be holding the 9th Annual Stride for Strokes event in John Lawson Park. Stroke survivors, friends and family participate in this 2km or 4 km walk, run, wheel event to raise funds for much needed equipment to assist stroke survivors in their speech therapy and brain fitness.

A Stroke Recovery Centre provides post-hospital peer-based support and continued recovery for stroke survivors and caregivers living in the community. Wellness and independence are the primary goals of this program.

Only those who have personally experienced the sudden changes relating to strokescan fully understand your challenges, frustrations, and needs. Coping skills are explored collectively and resources provided, where possible.

Stroke Recovery Centre Members assist each other through the challenges of living with a chronic condition. Join us and become a partner in your own recovery.



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