2017 Vancouver International Dance Festival at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre Vancouver – Death and Flying

Event Details

Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

The Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) is a social-profit, artist run organization dedicated to supporting and furthering the art of culturally diverse contemporary dance.

Each year the festival scours the globe, and its own backyard, to assemble a thrilling month of emotionally rich and intellectually stimulating dance expressions. In doing so, the festival functions as an important link between Vancouver and a vibrant, international community of artists, ensuring world-class contemporary dance will always have a place in the hearts and minds of Vancouver audiences.

“The contemporary works in the Roundhouse Series investigate the universal themes of connection and isolation, memory and immediacy, crisis and joy,” says Barbara Bourget, Co-Producer of VIDF. “We’ve selected an array of seasoned artists with diverse cultural backgrounds for this series. Their wealth of varied experiences and perspectives have produced poignant works that transcend our differences and unveil our common humanity through powerful physicality.”

Rob Kitsos/Jane Osborne/Kim Stevenson (Vancouver)
Death and Flying
Roundhouse Exhibition Hall, March 16-18, 7pm
Death and Flying asks us to consider the objects, gestures or images we cherish to feel close to the ones we love. Inspired by American poet Max Heinegg, this duet looks at the things we collect in life and the things we choose to leave behind.

8pm Roundhouse Performance Centre: $30 Adults; $25 Seniors/Students;
7pm Roundhouse Exhibition Hall: Free with VIDF membership (Entrance to the 7pm shows is included in the price of tickets to the 8pm shows or can be accessed through purchase of a one-time $3 VIDF membership charge).

For more information and to purchase your ticket please visit www.vidf.ca/tickets



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