North Shore Art Crawl a Free Weekend Event from Lions Bay to Deep Cove

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Various Locations

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The North Shore Art Crawl is a free community arts festival that celebrates the creative energy of our local artists and enables cultural vitality. Our mission is to bring about approachable and accessible art venues that encourage the community to connect and celebrate expression and diversity. We engage, inspire, and transform the North Shore through inclusive alliances amongst artists and the community.

The Crawl started as a grass roots movement by two North Shore artists, but after three years of organizing and running the event it became too time consuming for a small team of volunteers to handle, so the North Vancouver Community Arts Council offered to takeover the event.

The Crawl has been a great opportunity to make alliances in the art community. We work with the local community galleries, commercial galleries and art schools. We also work with several community centers and retirement associations who are very interested in participating in the event.

The philosophy behind the Crawl is that we really want to be inclusive of all art form and are not trying to have an artificial boundary between art and crafts. In the last years we welcomed registrations from textile artists, jewellers, potters, designers, sculptors, comic book artists and many others.

For the community at large and visitors to the North Shore this is a great opportunity to meet many diversely talented artists and view their work in both public galleries and working studios.

A Brief History

2015 The North Vancouver Community Arts Council officially takes over the Art Crawl as one of its own events. The event will take place on March 7 & 8, 2015 and will featuring 400 artists at 78 locations.

2014 The North Vancouver Community Arts Council helps coordinate the North Shore Art Crawl. Again the Art Crawl grows, now featuring 300 artists at 76 locations.

2013 In its 3rd year, the North Shore Art Crawl again doubles its attendance and features 250 artists at 64 locations.

2012 The second year of the North Shore Art Crawl boasts a doubling of attendance and participants, featuring 200 artists at 50 locations.

2011 The Crawl is started by two local artists Norman Vipond and Sandrine Pelissier and is a success from the start, with 100 artists displaying their work in their studios and galleries – 40 different venues in all.



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