A Conversation with Afghanistan’s Fawiza Koofi at the Kay Meek Centre

Event Details

Every once in a while, a rare opportunity comes along to meet someone who is making history; defining the course of people’s lives now and for many generations into the future.

One of those people is Fawzia Koofi. While not a household name here in Canada, her actions and leadership are changing the lives of many in Afghanistan. If you believe in the ripple effect, she’s changing lives here too. A well-known activist for democracy and human rights, she’s one of the growing number of Afghan women who are standing up to fight for their future, in a society often warped by tradition and war.

She’s Afghanistan’s most popular female politician, and the first female Deputy Speaker of the Parliament in her country. She was chosen as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and will run for President of Afghanistan in 2014. That is, if she can survive the extremists that dominate politics in this region. She’s challenged Hamid Karzai to take a stronger position on human rights before conceding to Taliban insurgents – resulting in the murder of one of her aides just months ago and numerous attempts on her own life.

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