A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie at the Kay Meek Centre

Event Details

Kay Meek Centre

November 4-7 at 8:00 pm

Matinees: November 7th at 2:00 pm



$20- Students and Seniors

$18- Groups of 10+

$15- Preview (November 4th and 5th)

A murder is announced in the newspaper Gazette in the dizzy town of Chipping Cleghorn. Someone must be putting an invitation for a game in the paper. Naturally, a murderer would not place an ad in the paper announcing their murder, right? However dangerous as it might be, it sparks the interest of the people in town. With a specific date and time announced in the paper, the neighbors arrive at the home of Miss Blacklock (“Little Paddocks”). At 6:30, the lights cut out. After gunshots ring, the people at Little Paddocks quickly realize that announcement was NOT a game. When the lights come on, Miss Blacklock has an ear grazed by a bullet, and an unknown man lays breathless on the floor with a gun next to him.

A full on investigation takes place. The detectives must consider everybody a possible suspect. Who is the man dead on the floor? Did anyone know him? Was he trying to shoot at anyone in particular? Did he die from a suicide or an accident? Did anyone have anything worth killing for? Is everybody what they seem?

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