A Pot Lid for the Sky

Event Details

The Polygon Gallery, 101 Carrie Cates Court., North Vancouver, BC

A Pot Lid for the Sky is a two-person exhibition featuring Canadian artist Christopher Lacroix in response to the satirical pledge made by American conceptualist John Baldessari in the early 1970s: “I will not make any more boring art.” Baldessari performed this statement through a series of banal gestures that directly contradicted the words. Lacroix, whose performance- and lens-based works dissect the hostilities endured as a queer person, presents new photographs and video that rebuke empty words.

The written word is a central motif: words that express both limitation and liberation. In his new works, Lacroix launches an attack on the truisms, sentiments, and platitudes that attempt to organize our complicated and changing world. They are visibly deflated, crushed, and even riddled with bullets. Working in a zone in which words and actions are inseparable and yet unresolved, the artist anticipates new words and phrases still waiting to be shared, about the experiences and truths that have yet to be articulated. Show runs through February 7, 2021. Please note gallery hours.



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