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113 - 2419 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, BC

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Alyson Jones & Associates, formerly Clair Hawes & Associates, is a counselling centre with a multi-disciplinary approach to treating a wide range of issues. We work with individuals, couples, children, adolescents, and families. By bringing together a comprehensive team of professionals, our clients are able to seamlessly address every aspect of their mental health.
Our clients seek our services for a wide range of reasons. In our busy lives we can all benefit from some assistance in managing stress and creating balance in our lives. Our child and family therapists help clients through difficult transitions like divorce and separation and assist with parenting through challenging periods. Some clients wish to regain balance after a traumatic life event or to remedy an inherent challenge they may have been coping with for years. Others are exploring their own personal growth and development. Alyson Jones and her associates offer a complete range of services and therapies that will give you the tools to help you with your own personal growth and development and to achieve a sense of balance in your life.

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