Art Of Slow Living – Women’s Wellness Retreat

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Bowen Island

The Bowen Island Lodge Hosts Women Wellness Retreats
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The Art of Slow Living
Lead Facilitator: Chantal Russell

Immerse yourself in the beauty of slow living for a rejuvenating weekend on
Bowen Island. Enjoy daily yoga classes, nourishing meals, lovingly prepared
by local Chef Matthew Matheson, and an in depth Ayurvedic workshop led by
Natahalie Keiller, where you’ll learn how to use basic principles of
Ayurveda to bring its benefits into your daily life. Experience
contemplative journaling, nature walks, and plenty of down time to rest and
relax. Learn simple self-care practices to nourish your body and soul.
Create and keep new habits to experience deeper well-being & reconnect to
your most essential self.
About Chantal Russell: Chantal is passionate about sharing the art of slow
living, through yoga, healthy eating and reconnecting to nature and soul.
She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and founder and director of The
Well, a yoga and holistic living studio on Bowen Island, where she
currently resides. Chantal teaches workshops throughout Canada and Europe,
leads retreats around the world, and has recently published her first
bestselling book, Wildfire Within. When not teaching or writing, she can be
found gardening with her husband and son, reading by the fire, or
travelling the world in search of good waves, healing foods, and nourishing





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