Asset Based Community Development

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La Perla Ballroom

Effective Community Partnerships: How Residents and Organizations Can Work Together for Greater Collective Impact Using the Principles of ABCD

This two day workshop will provide an overview of the principles of ABCD and the tools organizations and communities can use to achieve greater impact and results.

“People’s daily lives affect their health in countless ways – from the sense of safety and connection to neighbors, to the availability of healthy food, to access to green space and fresh air. And when a neighborhood is inspired to improve from the inside out by building on strengths rather than dwelling on needs, it can realize improved physical, social and economic health.”

Discover how to use these five strategic questions to unlock resources in your community and Increase your organizations impact.

1.What can residents do by themselves, for themselves?
2.What can residents do with a little help from organizations?
3.What do residents need done that they can’t do?
4.What can we stop doing to create resident action?
5.What can we offer to the community beyond the services we deliver to support resident action?

“Dan’s work has been uniquely dedicated to helping funders and agencies successfully recognize and unlock the assets and gifts of neighborhoods and their residents.” John McKnight and Jody Kretzman, Founders of the ABCD Institute



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