Behind-the-Scenes with the Arts Club Theatre & ArtsScene Featuring "Craigslist Cantata"

Event Details

Revue Stage

Join Vancouver’s young professionals for an exclusive “Behind-the-Scenes” evening hosted by ArtsScene Vancouver with the Arts Club Theatre for the popular production of Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata on Thursday, May 16th at the Revue Stage. It’s a theatre experience in Vancouver that you won’t want to miss!

With 24 sold-out shows last year, Craigslist Cantata is your personal ads, set to music! Using real Craigslist postings, this hilarious new work from composer Veda Hille and the CBC’s Bill Richardson explore what humanity has to offer and turns it into comic musical fare. Who wouldn’t want a broken time machine, for free? Come and take a look at the vagaries and intimacies of the internet in the company of 80 young professionals who love the arts.

Your exclusive artsScene Behind-the-Scenes pass will include:
* Premium seating for “Craigslist Cantata”
* Pre-show artsScene-only reception with light refreshments
* 1 complimentary adult beverage
* Special talk-back with the Arts Club Theatre’s Executive Director
* Post-show reception with the Craigslist Cantata cast

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