Beyond the Borders of Sound

Event Details

Blusson Spinal Cord Centre

Join Fringe Percussion for an evening of exceptional music that harnesses the boundless energy of sound. Be treated to a rhythmic, vibrant, and captivating body of work by acclaimed composers Mark Applebaum, Bob Becker (Nexus), Derek Charke, and David Lang (Bang on a Can).

The program also features the Vancouver concert premieres of Steve Reich’s Mallet Quartet and Canadian icon Bruce Mather’s sensuous Clos d’Audignac. Experience some of the best music for percussion in a leveled 360 and birds eye view of the performers in the unconventional spiraled atrium of the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre.

Fringe Percussion is Vancouver’s preeminent percussion ensemble. Its members are exceptional artists who support the voices of local composers and global music. Known for its diverse repertoire that blends world percussion with contemporary music, Fringe Percussion is a local powerhouse that will leave you speechless.



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