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About Bill Soprovich for West Vancouver Councillor

For the past 26 years Bill Soprovich has made a commitment to represent your best interests in West Vancouver.

Here are the issues today:

1. Housing

Our Strategic Plan called for 250 units per year of which 100 were to be rental.
I support moderate housing density
Local area plan of Ambleside & Taylor Way are serious development areas. I believe that the involvement of citizens is critical.
I would like to see the return of Townhall meetings with input from West Van citizens.
I would like to see a Planning Commission brought back comprising of landowners (residents) to listen to Development proposals and give their recommendations.
Investigate “Rent to Own” possibilities.
To increase the Notification radius area.
Projects & Development must give notice to a much larger area.


Implement a timeline proposal for:
clean energy retrofits to meet low carbon energy efficiency standards.
the timeline will include ways to finance the capital costs
​Presently in place – Developers must install low-energy systems in new buildings.
Adapting to the rising Sea-levels – measures must be in place that would require assistance from the Federal & Provincial Governments.
Support dedicating 2600 hectares as Park land.
Create an action plan to further compliance with I.P.C.C. Climate targets.


Collaborating with the North Shore Municipalities & Regional, Provincial and Federal agencies to reduce traffic congestion.
Support the Blue Bus system
Encourage increasing more routes to City and U.B.C.
Support the future B.I.R.T. Rapid Transit from Park Royal to Metrotown.
Do Not support Rapid Transit West of Park Royal.
Create safety lanes for cyclists.
Encourage TransLink to create a Bus System to Squamish & Whistler.
Improve the “Lane Switch” on Lions Gate Bridge.
Support retrofit of Highway noise barriers from Capilano River to Horseshoe Bay.
Support more 30 – 40 KM speed zones.

4. Finance

Support building an Asset Levy to find funds to maintain our building structures.
Support and increase our Environmental levy.
Encourage and educate on the value of natural capital and define the benefits to West Van citizens.
Amendments may be needed mid course of our 5-year Financial Plan primarily to address issues driven by economic changes beyond our control such as inflation, supply chain issues, tight labour market and the effects of Covid – 19 case surges.
Support keeping operating budget under C.P.I. at Budget deliberations.

Please allow me to assist you in getting these tasks complete.

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