Book Signing by Lawrence Verigin at Indigo Bookstore West Vancouver

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Dark Seed: No One Knows What Evil Grows

Disillusioned journalist Nick Barnes is plunged into a world of intrigue when he meets a revolutionary scientist. Dr. Carl Elles’ experiments have revealed results no one was ever intended to know about – and he pays the ultimate price.

Nick and the scientist’s daughter, Morgan, find themselves running for their lives as they uncover the immoral and destructive global plot. The man behind the largest agrochemical corporation and its parent pharmaceutical conglomerate will do anything to make sure the information is never revealed.
Grab hold for a wild ride with this exciting, high concept thriller that tackles one of the big issues of our time. You’ll find yourself unable to stop turning pages to find out what happens next.

Seed of Control is the explosive sequel to the award-winning, high-concept thriller Dark Seed. Exposé author Nick Barnes is back, finding himself quickly thrown into a chain of events which uncovers a plot so beyond moral comprehension that it will affect Earth s entire population.

The plot has taken generations to develop and in on the cusp of being fully implemented. Agri-industrialist Dr. Hendrick Schmidt and media baron Davis Lovemark lead the villainous plot with the unerring belief that they are the stewards of humanity and that they alone have the right to decide the fate of the masses.

Immerse yourself in the action and intrigue of this high concept thriller that may not be as far from reality as you might think.

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