C3 Climate Change Conference at Windermere Secondary School Vancouver

Event Details

Windermere Secondary School

Windermere Secondary School is hosting our 6th annual Climate Change Conference! It will be a district-wide event for all people in the community. This for-youth, by youth conference strives to to connect secondary school students from across the lower mainland who are passionate about making a difference in their schools. This year’s C3 will be FRACKTURED, held on Friday, November 28th. Notable attendees include Don Davies, Adrian Dix, and Nobel Prize winning climate scientist and deputy leader of the Green Party, Andrew Weaver. Come sign up today!


$5.00 for admission

$10.00 for admission + lunch

For more information please call us at 778-229-0899 or visit our website at www.c3vancity.com/contact-us



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