All of Me – Concert at the Silk Purse Arts Centre West Vancouver

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Silk Purse Arts Centre

Love songs in their many shades sung by the very soulful Cayla Brooke and backed up by a phenomenal three-piece band: Bill Sample – Piano, Laurence Mollerup – Bass and Buff Allen – Drums.

About Cayla Brooke

Cayla was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. When she was 3 years old she knew what she wanted to be – a performer. That dream burns as strong today as it did way back then.

She is a versatile singer, actor and songwriter. Often asked what kind of songs she prefers to sing, she quips “Good ones.” Whether its a soulful rendition of a gospel song, good ol’ rock and roll, a power ballad, jazz, blues, country or standards – Cayla loves singing them all. “I’ve always loved different styles of music and hate to pigeon hole myself. I’ve tried to pick a genre, but then I’ll hear a song from a different style and it moves me as well. It’s hard to choose, so I don’t.”

Cayla’s early influences ranged from Gospel greats Andre Crouch and Bryan Duncan to Nat King Cole and of course Barbra Streisand. More recent vocalist like the late Eva Cassidy now flavour Cayla’s singing style. It took her a while to find her own voice but she has.

Cayla discovered acting later in life and is she happy about that! Cayla is very believable on stage. “An actress if I ever saw one.”

Whether its comedy or drama, Cayla brings her unique style to the stage. “It’s as if the audience exhales and leans forward when she walks on stage. They embrace her and enjoy the ride.”

When asked what makes her happy one of the first things that pops into her head is performing. “I was meant to perform and when I am on stage I feel as though I am home.”

Please call us at 604-925-7292 for more information about this event.



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