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About Dr. Kristy Kowalyk – Vancouver Psychology Centre

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Dr. Kowalyk is a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia (# 2155) who works with adults and older adolescents. She provides an environment of collaboration in her work with clients. Her primary focus is to assist people to live the life they want by first highlighting their goals and identifying any barriers which may exist to reaching those goals. Dr. Kowalyk is passionate about providing clients with knowledge and tools to actively make positive changes in their lives. Increasing people’s life satisfaction and helping them achieve their desired functioning through good times and through challenges are focal elements of Dr. Kowalyk’s practice.

 Dr. Kowalyk offers adult treatment and assessment from a strong cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework, however, she draws on other empirically supported treatment methodologies, depending upon her clients’ goals and personality. She provides people she works with efficient solutions. Dr. Kowalyk’s professional services are sourced from a rich breadth of clinical expertise and knowledge from her work in numerous medical and mental health agencies – both public and private.

 Dr. Kowalyk’s practice is attuned to assisting people to recover from challenges and to develop their strengths. Some of the life situations that Dr. Kowalyk provides services for include:
Anxiety and worry
Chronic pain
Workplace Injury
Traumatic Reactions (PTSD)
Post-Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery
Relationship problems
Adjustment to major life transitions


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