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Every child deserves the opportunity to explore music!

I love to make the gift of music available to everyone! In this day and age many people feel intimidated by a celebrity culture that limits music to a “chosen few” who are deemed “talented” and limits the participation of the majority of people. I believe in an inclusive and enthusiastic attitude at all levels of music. I also believe in openness to many different types and styles of music. The musician today must be proficient, but also adaptable to many different opportunities in music and in society.

In centuries past, everyone made music as part of the “common culture” of society. Today, many people are left out of the process of making music altogether. Even if children are lucky enough to have a music program in school, most of the time the school music programs don’t go nearly far enough in educating children in reading and performing music at even a basic level.  I encourage my students growth and show them how to enjoy what they are doing with music and to make the journey of learning more rewarding.


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