The Energetic Synthesis of Being 3 Day Intensive with Dr Dain Heer

Event Details

Holiday Inn Downtown

This class is unlike anything else on the planet! In this signature class, Dr. Dain Heer invites you to know what you know and to start contributing to the true possibility of energetic change and expansion for yourself, everyone around you – and the planet.

ESB is a unique way of working with energy, groups of people and their bodies. During this 3 day intensive, Dain works simultaneously with the beings and bodies in the class to create a space that allows the change you are asking for to come to be. In working with one person, the whole class is invited to that difference.

“The ESB is a way of using the magic you had when you were a kid to change everything you want to change as an adult. It’s creating a connection between you the body, you the being and everything around you in such a way that you can start receiving contribution from the world around you and, in so doing, realize that you’re not a wrongness and change many of the things in your body that you want to change.”- Dain Heer

You become aware of the catalyst you are for a different possibility — and you can choose to be the totality of you, being fully alive and embodied. The result is an acoustical wave that invites a sense of peace and space that encompasses the class and contributes to a more conscious life and a more conscious planet hereafter…

You begin to be and receive energies you always knew were available but didn’t have access to before. You’ll discover you no longer have to hide you, divorce you, go against what works for you and what you know is true for you.

By being you, you change everything; the planet, your life and everyone you come into contact with. Would you be willing to come on the adventure and find out what this looks like for you?

This is just the beginning of something greater than you’ve ever dared to imagine…
Are you ready?

For more information or questions, please contact
Daria Hanson 250-575-3951
Karlina van der Weij 604-987-7271

Duration: 3 days
Facilitator: Dain Heer
Price: 1800 USD (If repeated within a year 1350 USD)
Pre-requisites: Access Bars, Foundation, Level 1



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