Espiritu Vocal Ensemble – Rapt in Song


Event Details

West Vancouver United Church

Espiritu Vocal Ensemble presents an enthralling concert entitled “Rapt in Song”. Sparkling renditions of Christmas classics, jazzy carols, and charming interpretations of the season’s wonder provide an impressive program. From exciting swing rhythms and chromatic harmonies, unique interpretations and lyrical phrasing, to contemporary arrangements of seasonal masterwork and exuberant celebration, this concert shines with adornments for a perfect, musical gift.

Espiritu’s own award-winning concert pianist Miri Lee, joined by other renowned Vancouver musicians, again provides dazzle for this concert. Miri and one of Espiritu’s multi-talented tenors perform a vibrant selection accompanied by a unique piano duet. The jolly men’s ensemble has a unique instrumental addition, delivering always-expected Espiritu humour. A gorgeous Gordon Lightfoot song as covered by Sarah McLachlan adds a special ribbon of Canadiana to this delightful package.

Espiritu Vocal Ensemble crafts captivating gifts of song and musical surprises, offering a joyous opening to your holiday season.



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