FAWLTY TOWERS – 3 More Episodes at the Metro Theatre Vancouver

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Metro Theatre

FAWLTY TOWERS, written by John Cleese & Connie Booth is based on a hotel run by Basil Fawlty – an inept, arrogant English hotel manager with a short fuse who is constantly berated by his wife, Sybil.  Basil’s efforts are continually hampered by their Spanish waiter, Manuel.

Metro Theatre is pleased to offer 3 more episodes of the beloved BBC TV series FAWLTY TOWERS adapted for the stage October 31 to November 28.

The Hotel Inspectors: Basil hears of hotel inspectors roaming Torquay incognito, and realizes that the guest he has been verbally abusing could easily be one of them.

Waldorf Salad: An American couple arrives at the hotel late at night expecting to be served a hot dinner. But with the chef off for the night, Basil is forced to make the dinner himself.

The Germans: A moose head to be hung, a fire drill to be conducted, and German guests are all a bit much for Basil to handle with Sybil in hospital for an ingrown toenail.

FAWLTY TOWERS is directed by  Alison Schamberger produced by Val Bingley and stage managed by Al Zylstra with a returning cast of  Chris Dellinger (Basil), Martha Ansfield-Scrase (Sybil) and Tom Kavadias (Manuel) and new comer Simone Swan (Polly).

Photo credits: Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

Tickets are $24 Adult or $21 Senior/Student with a special 2 for $35 every Thursday.

Tickets can be reserved by calling the Box Office 604 266 7191 or purchased on line www.metrotheatre.com



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