Film Viewing: Transformer

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North Vancouver

janae-krocFormer US Marine and world record weightlifter Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski
was publicly outed as being transgender in 2015. The reaction was
universal: her sponsors abandoned her, she was disowned by her parents,
banned from competing, and she changed her name to Janae. This film follows
Janae as she attempts to find her place in society. Initially wanting to
strip off the muscle and become a much smaller looking woman, she found
herself unable to lose the muscle she so desperately gained. She now finds
herself living one day as an alpha male and the next day as a woman. Will
Janae be able to handle her muscle relapses? Will her passage from being a
male bring her the peace she’s looking for? Will society accept a 250lbs
muscular woman? Is her path personal redemption or physical and
psychological disaster?



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