Get the Guy Live! with Matthew Hussey

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Kay Meek Centre

If you’re single and wondering why you never meet guys that you’re attracted to, or you seem always to attract the wrong guys, you’re not alone.

If you’re familiar with Matthew Hussey’s work at Get The Guy you’ll know he’s considered to be the World’s Leading Expert in Attraction.

Hussey has worked alongside celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria, starred in a network TV show on NBC, Ready For Love, he’s the Resident Love Expert on The Today Show with his section ‘The Other View’, and has a radio show ‘Love Life’ with iHeartRadio.

Hussey’s book Get The Guy became a New York Times Bestseller in the first week of its release, and the organisation he created 5 years ago is now THE go-to organisation for individuals, companies and media outlets.

There are 13.6 million views on their videos online, and over 50,000 women have been through Hussey’s live seminars.



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