Good for You, Good for the Earth – Course

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UBC Botanical Garden at the Reception Center

With most of our garden harvest complete, many of us will be heading back to the grocery stores to shop for our everyday foods. Considering 3/4 of the food found in stores is from outside of British Columbia, how can a person continue to eat a healthy diet as well as keep our impact on the environment to a minimum? To help answer these questions, Lori Petryk, dietitian and environmentalist, will help you find out which foods are good for you, as well as good for the earth. When you add up all the emissions from seed, to plate, to landfill, the foods we eat account for as much as 33% of global greenhouse gas emissions! These high CO2 emitting foods are often also the foods most responsible for a persons increased risk of developing chronic disease. Seminar participants will discover small steps to make big differences in their carbon foodprint and health.

Lori Petryk, Registered Dietitian and Master of Science, has over 15 years experience providing nutrition coaching and chronic disease prevention education. She has appeared as a nutritional expert on CTV News Vancouver, CBC Radio Canada and can often be seen speaking about sustainable nutrition issues on Shaw Television’s Urban Rush. When not providing wellness seminars to both private and public industry, Lori teaches Public Health at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and works with the BC Cancer Agency on a variety of cancer prevention and education initiatives. To Lori, whose healthy attitude is contagious, eating well is not just a personal interest it is a value!

UBC Botanical Garden Reception Centre, near the main entrance (Directions to the Botanical Garden)

Class Size: 40 people maximum

Cost: (General)$25.00

Cost: (Garden Members)$20.00

Please Note: Advance registration required.

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