Hamlet at the The Vancity Culture Lab Vancouver

Event Details

The Vancity Culture Lab

A father’s death and his mother’s hasty marriage provoke thoughts of murder and vengeance that push Hamlet’s mind to madness. His suspicions of foul play lead to dangerous manipulations of friends and family in order to uncover the supernatural truth behind it all. As questions consume him and his reality blurs he must make a choice and seal his fate once and for all.
Warning! This play contains ghostly figures, devious manipulations, twisted realities, and lewd jokes and behaviour!

Featuring: Kurtis Maguire, Meghan Hemingway, David Quast, Yvonne Gustafson, Tatiana Robinson, Devon Oakander, Tara Webster, Lloyd Darling, and Ryan Caron
Directed by: J-C Roy

Tickets are from $25 to $30



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