Haneef Virani – Virani Real Estate Advisors

105 - 100 Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC

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About Haneef Virani – Virani Real Estate Advisors

Buying or selling a home is a pivotal event in most people’s lives and for many, a very emotional one. It marks a transition from one period of time in a family’s life to another. For the seller it means letting go of a place that day-by-day has influenced, even defined their lives and so, no price tag can fully reflect that home’s value. For the buyer, it is a moment of new beginnings, a fresh start on a future that did not exist before the purchase was made.

We have heard clients say that one of the most exhilarating nights of their lives was the first night they spent in their new home. So we quickly came to realize that we’re not in the real-estate business – we’re in the experience business. That, in a very meaningful way, we change the quality and the direction of people’s lives.

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