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iMarketing Genius Conference is all about. Turning you into a Branding, Marketing and Internet machine.

Take your business to the next level using the very same strategies that took goliath companies from their humbled beginnings into household names worth billions.

Steve Jobs started Apple along side Steve Wozinak from a small garage in Los Altos, CA and forever changed the world.
Oprah started as a local news anchor and is now one of the world’s most powerful media moguls. started from a simple idea written on a cocktail napkin.
You get the point…

What I’m getting at is, it all starts with a dream and the desire. And now you have the ultimate advantage by joining us at…5490 ross st vancouver bc v5w 3k9 canada

march 3rd 2012 9- 9 pm

$99 per person

$399 vip receive energy healing 3/3/2012

$20 students

The iMarketing Genius Conference

You’ll discover the secrets to…

Building a business around a lasting brand that stays on top of your customers minds.
Simple marketing strategies that can add an additional ZERO to your bottom line.
Internet strategies for maximum exposure.
At the marketing Conference you’ll learn from…

LEADERS in business and branding masters.
Experts who are called upon by the world’s top companies to create and manage million dollar marketing campaigns.
Internet industry insiders who have worked behind the scenes for the Internet’s largest companies as they share never revealed before secrets to dominating the online world.

(These industry insiders come from companies



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