Into The Other Land Art Show by Marion Webber at Gemini Jewels West Vancouver

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Gemini Jewels

Local artist Marion Webber is presenting a new show of paintings entitled ‘In To The Other Land’ from January 26 – May 3, 2015 at Gemini Jewelers in West Vancouver. The new show is a selection from the series including conceptualized landscape and floral themes.

Marion’s creative career spans over 3 decades in fine art and applied arts. Her training in photography graphics and advertising influences her work. She designs concepts and does color studies prior to commencing larger works. Often her series gestate for 3-5 years before being painted.

Rich colours, strong simple shapes and complex paint layering characterize Marion’s artwork. Her techniques are from a solid understanding of the history of Western art and painting techniques spanning over five centuries.

Marion comments, “I rely on a balance between traditional, conceptual and intuitive feeling in my work. Sometimes my work is realistic but often it is much more visceral and emotive. I want the viewer to feel something, become immersed in the work. Painting is a complex communication without words.”

Gemini Jewels is a premiere fine gem and jewelry store that opened last spring in the retail district of West Vancouver. Proprietor Peter Drozdzik has over a decade of experience in acquiring and selling unique collectible jewelry from all over the world. He is the only dealer in Canada representing Amrapali jewelry from India. Many celebrities such as Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Beyoncé wear this line of fine jewelry.

Contact Marion Webber 604-739-6950



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