JobFest 2012

Event Details

Squamish Farmers Market (or if raining, the CN Roundhouse)

Explore Software Design, Carpentry, Electrical Jobs and all of B.C.’s exciting career options at JobFest 2012, touring BC. It’s an event full of inspiring youth stories, interactive career discovery and some of the hottest indie bands around, plus other local acts.

Check out for details and the full tour schedule around BC.

The career fair will be presented in the form of a JobFest. JobFest is a rock concert themed mobile event that will travel to 50 communities throughout Northern and Southern BC from spring to fall 2012. The tour is targeted for young adults (aged 15-25).

The purpose of JobFest is to promote excitement about future careers and to educate young adults about career tools and resources. The event will take place over a six hour period. Visitors to the Jobfest will be able to engage with event presenters, the career tools, and other interactive games. They will also enjoy a variety of on-stage entertainment and receive Jobfest giveaways.

Throughout the day local speakers will share stories and provide inspiration. Additionally, both headline and local talent will be invited to provide onstage entertainment. Training Innovations will also have a booth promoting different services that are available, and are tailored to employment and skill building for young adults.

The Squamish JobFest will take place on Wednesday August 22nd from 2 pm-8 pm and will be held in the Squamish Farmers Market location. If raining, the CN Roundhouse will be made available. All other BC tour locations are listed on the JobFest website (August to October 2012)

JobFest also has space to showcase two local performers and are accepting submissions online via their website..



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