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About Karen F. Redmond Family Law

Working as a lawyer in Family Law requires not only a full understanding of the legal aspects, but an appreciation of the sensitive and highly personal nature of the issues involved in your case. At our firm we recognize that your situation is unique, and we strive to provide advice and service designed to bring about a resolution which meets your personal and legal goals.

We take the time to explain the legal issues such as custody, guardianship, parenting time, division of family assets and debts, and child and spousal support, while guiding you towards a cost effective and timely resolution of your family law matter.

Karen Redmond is qualified as a family law mediator, divorce lawyer and collaborative family law lawyer. Karen has appeared at all levels of Court in British Columbia, including the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. Karen understands the complex nature of litigation and although she believes that out of court settlements are preferable she passionately represents the needs of her clients in Court.
Divorce and separation are a reality for many families in our society.

At our firm, our goal is to facilitate the restructuring of your family through the process of separation and to guide you through the rebuilding of the new framework that still makes up your family.
If you are entering into a second marriage and you and your spouse each want to provide for your children separately; or you would like to know if it is possible for you to maintain separate assets when remarrying, you need to consult a family law lawyer. Karen provides free initial telephone consultations for West Vancouver Clients.

At Karen Redmond Family Law – We provide Ethical – Efficient – Effective Family Law Services on the North Shore of Vancouver.

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