Kay Meek Centre presents HAMELIN: A New Fable – Family Theatre

Event Details

Kay Meek Centre

Tickets: Adults $18 | Kids $10

Produced by Axis Theatre Company

By Leslie Mildiner

A comedic, heart-tugging musical retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin with live music, songs and puppetry, HAMELIN: A NEW FABLE delivers a strong message about the importance of “keeping your word!”. Suitable for family audiences ages 4-10.

In 13th century Germany, Medieval Hamelin Town is way too big for its lederhosen. Governed by a spoiled Mayor, his Mommy and stuffy corporate types who have no interest in its hard-working townsfolk, the town is primed to learn some important lessons in life from our heroes, 10-year-old-twins Celeste and Ralph.

When it seems that no one, other than their Opa Johannes, ever keeps their word, they come up with a plan to make the grown-ups wake up and smell the strudel. After the ridiculous new taxes render this tight-knit family homeless, desperate for help, they encounter a hapless “Minstrel”, a flute that has seen better days and of course, lots and lots of rats!

“The best show we’ve had perform in our school.” -False Creek Elementary

For more information about this event please visit our website at www.kaymeekcentre.com



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