Kay Meek Centre presents Money Smart Kids with Gail Vaz-Oxlade

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Kay Meek Centre

Tickets: General Admission $25 | SD45 Parents $20

West Vancouver District PAC presents: Money Smart Kids! Raise your child’s Money Quotient!

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a Jamaican-Canadian financial writer and television personality who lives in Brighton, Ontario, Canada. Vaz-Oxlade hosts the Canadian television series Till Debt Do Us Part, Princess and, most recently, Money Moron. Vaz-Oxlade is also a regular columnist for Yahoo! Canada Finance. Previously, she was a regular feature writer for The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine magazine, IE: Money, and MoneySense.ca, among others. Gail most recently ventured into the divorce realm by offering financially based divorce services through the Common Sense Divorce.

Vaz-Oxlade began her career after moving to Canada, working as an administrative assistant and later taking a job in marketing. In that role she was asked by a banking client to write a manual for its employees on its Registered Retirement Savings Plan products, which grew into Vaz-Oxlade writing all of the bank’s technical materials. Within a number of years, Vaz-Oxlade began freelance writing, ultimately writing 27 columns every month.

Citing burn-out, Vaz-Oxlade quit and moved to Brighton, Ontario with her family and over a two-year period did volunteer work and raised her family. After that time, she was asked by a production company to host Till Debt Do Us Part. In her role on that show, Vaz-Oxlade describes herself as a “super nanny for money”. After seven seasons of hosting the program, Vaz-Oxlade agreed to continue with the show if the network, Slice, allowed her to do a new show. The network agreed, resulting in the creation of Princess, which focuses on young women rather than couples.

In 2011, Vaz-Oxlade began a campaign advocating for changes in the way lenders assess lending criteria, particularly for credit cards. As part of that effort, Vaz-Oxlade urged Canadian consumers to stop using their credit cards for one week and pay cash only; as well, she urged Canadians to write to their Members of Parliament to urge changes in legislation restricting the use of credit scores in the granting of credit.

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