Kay Meek Centre Presents Nava Intercultural Orchestra

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Kay Meek Centre

The Nava Arts Center is a cultural institution whose main objective is to preserve and promote World music and other fine arts including calligraphy, sculpturing,painting, dubbing, through education and performance.

Currently, the Center’s main activities lie in the areas of musical education and production.

This education includes the study of various stringed and percussion instruments such as the Barbat(Oud), the Tar, the Setar, the Tombak and the Daf as well as classical Music such as Violin and Guitar and Piano.

Classes are held in our Centre at 1355 Main Street, North Vancouver, BC. The Center is also responsible for organizing a number of international tours featuring leading instrumentalists and vocalists specializing in the field of Iranian classical and folk music.

Since 2006, the center has expanded its activities to include production. Thus far, a series of works in Iranian Traditional music have been released.

Nava Arts was formally incorporated in 2003 by Hossein Behroozinia as a cultural center for studying, and performing the fine arts.

For more information please visit our website at www.navaart.ca

For more information about this event or to purchase your ticket please call us at 604-981-6335



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