Kay Meek Centre presents Sufis Journey: Farshad Jamali Live in Vancouver

Event Details

Kay Meek Centre

Farshad Jamali Iranian musicians and orchestra of classical instruments along with us on a journey Sufi poems by poets such as Iran Rumi, Attar, Akhavan Vhsyn will be isolated. Tahmoures Pournazeri parts and Fardin Khalatbari composers and led by Amir Mirabad reset will be executed.
Dulcimer: Saina Khalidi
R: Mary S. ancestry
Relapse: ali
Warp: Alborz Rahmani
Fiddle: Cena Union
Percussion: Art Hamyn and A. Ataollahi

Farshad Jamali Live in Vancouver
With Persian instrument Ensemble, String Quartet and Harp Orchestra
Composers: Fardin Khalatbari and Tahmoures Pournazeri
Conductor and Musical Arrangement: Amir Mirabadi

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the show. As a courtesy to the participants and the performers, late patrons will not be admitted.



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