Managing Holiday Stress!

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Momentum Fitness

Managing Holiday Stress!
With Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND
Date/Time: December 1st, 2011. 6pm – 7pm
Admission: $10 per seat – $5 two weeks in advance. Reserve your seat today!

The holidays can be full of excitement, happiness, love, and… stress! Surveys show that up to 69% of people find pressure from the lack of money, time and the pressure to give or get gifts, to be the biggest contributors to their holiday stress. Also according to surveys, these factors lead to sadness, sleep problems and a lack of energy in up to 60% of the people surveyed.

This can have a debilitating effect on our bodies and our minds!
During this enlightening information session, Dr. Seema Kanwal will share with us some simple and healthy ways to manage this holiday stress. She will also share with us the foods that will affect our energy levels and our mood the most. Let’s have a healthy and happy holiday season!

Admission is $10 per seat – $5 two weeks in advance. Seating is limited.
Please contact INFOFIT to reserve yours today.
604-683-0785 or
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