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About Mines and Company Criminal Lawyers

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Serving the North Shore since 1993, Mines and Company is a criminal law firm that is dedicated to helping our clients achieve the very best possible results!
We are focussed exclusively on criminal law. Our lawyers are experienced in defending Assault (including domestic), Theft, Fraud, Weapons, Drug and Driving offences.
We believe that communication is key to a successful defence, so we are committed to working with you during every stage of your case, from rigorous preparation through skilful courtroom representation. We are committed  to explaining the law to you and answering your questions. We will keep you informed and will present you with options.

Our lawyers have experience conducting Crown prosecutions. As such, we are able to better help our clients obtain solutions to their criminal law problems. We are fully experienced in seeking protection of our client’s rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We will fully explore all Charter remedies, such as applications to exclude evidence that was obtained in violation of our client’s rights to be free from an unreasonable search, or denial of their right to counsel. We have an excellent track record, which can be seen by visiting our website and checking out our Recent Successes as well as our Client Reviews.

We defend all Criminal Code and Motor Vehicle Act offences, including: Assault, Employee Theft, Drug Trafficking, Shoplifting, and Impaired Driving.

If you, or someone you know, are being investigated by the police or have been charged with a criminal or driving offence call us. We offer a free initial consultation.

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