MOTET… Circo Aereo

Event Details

May Meek Centre

Circo Aereo is among the flagships of Finnish cultural exports. Active since 1996, the group has visited several distinguished festivals and theatres in around 30 countries. Circo Aereo’s barrier-breaking and open approach to the various forms of the performing arts mesmerizes and astonishes audiences throughout the world.

Five performers manipulate objects that float, collapse, and mesmerize. Sideshow Circus Magazine says Motet creates a “mysterious and living world that might swallow the performers.” In Motet, many parts become one. Motet is a new collaboration between Finland’s creative CIRCO AEREO and Britain’s acclaimed GANDINI JUGGLING. Under the direction of Maksim Komaro of Circo Aereo, Motet premiered in May 2011 at the New Circus Festival in Helsinki, Finland. With courage to experiment and skill to evoke feelings, we give you — Motet Circo Aereo!



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