New Popeyes Fried Chicken Open in West Vancouver Park Royal

Popeyes chicken
By Editor

The Louisiana favourite is finally open in one of Canada's wealthiest neighbourhoods

Everyone’s been licking their lips for weeks now as the much anticipated opening of a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and chicken restaurant is finally opening in West Vancouver.

The door signs went up months ago – but due to delays in permitting, the fried chicken favourite had to delay its December 2022 opening until February 2023. Now the lineups will go around the block as hungry foodies flock in for a taste of southern hospitality.

Popeyes has a cult like following, especially in the United States where fist fights broke out over the debut of their iconic chicken sandwich. But fried food lovers everywhere will tell you, they’ll hunt far and wide to get their chicken fix.

And speaking of far, this new location is only one of a rare handful of Popeyes’ establishments in the greater Vancouver area (the nearest of which is in Richmond, BC). Still, West Vancouver’s chic Park Royal shopping centre will relish in the attention as one of Canada’s wealthiest neighbourhoods plays destination host to travellers who are more than willing to make the journey across the water, or down the mountain. Be patient though because the lineups will be long and the parking is terrible, even for those driving Bentleys and Lamborghinis.

So despite the travel time and the probable traffic chaos, the restaurant will do well – especially if it serves up the mashed potatoes and biscuits as generously as they do down south. But over town, in downtown Vancouver, the question remains. Will this chicken be tempting enough to make them cross the Lions Gate Bridge?