North Shore Art Crawl – Meet West Vancouver Artist Roman Rozumnyj

Event Details

West Vancouver

Join the North Shore Art Crawl and meet local artist and interior designer Roman Rozumnyj while viewing his latest artwork in his modern West Vancouver home.

Roman Rozumnyj is a successful and unique painter who has also established himself in interior design. His artwork is decidedly evocative, modern, and colourful. When viewing his work, it’s immediately obvious that he is heavily influenced by strong chroma and heavy textures, the paint often raised off the canvas, drawing you into its story. Roman in intensely inspired by the beauty of the West Coast and paints to convey emotion, often exploring different styles parallel to abstractionism and fauvism.

Roman’s interior designs, on the other hand, are airy and minimalistic celebrations of space that feature clean lines, modern furnishings, muted colours, and exposed materials. These designs blend the look and feel of a comfortable home with an art gallery.

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