Politics of Proximity / New Work by Tiko Kerr

Event Details

Mónica Reyes Gallery, 602 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

“A formal investigation of how the positions that we occupy in space can dramatically affect how we interpret the truth of what we see.” Tiko Kerr.

Over the past 35 years Tiko’s artistic practice has included explorations into painting, collage, drawing, performance and set design. Working in sequential series, his vocabulary practice has evolved stylistically and most recently, is now primarily concerned with evoking associations between forms and surfaces through abstraction.

His work is admired in both international corporate and private art collections.

Experience one of Vancouver’s (and Canada’s) most celebrated modern artists now on display for viewing at one of Tiko’s favourite local galleries, through March 19th.

Mónica Reyes Gallery – Opening Hours
Monday and Tuesday 11-2pm, Saturday 12-4pm
and by appointment. Closed on holidays.



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